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Water Dance!!!!!!!! Water Dance!!!!!!!!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I know that music...
In fact, a good friend of mine, Dj Ze made a song in 2001 using Reason 1 called "Dream Versus Reality" that was 10 minutes long.
The thing is that this song and your other song, "Dance", published in 2004 both use parts of that song he created.
For this one, same piano, same kick line and same melody, using the same lead instrument...only a few things are modified. Same problem with your song "Dance".
So my question is : do you know him too, or did you steal his work ?
Thanks in advance...

dj-pompier responds:

hmmm i have done this song when i was really young , and i only used ejay se ... now im using Fruity loops producer edition.. so i just think your friend got the loop in the same program

Never Forget(Halo3) Never Forget(Halo3)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That's a wonderful song !

I usually don't like to make reviews, but sometimes the song is so good, that you can't avoid to do least to show the composer he made something very nice...

The progression is really good, with an awesome melody build. The bassline is a bit generic but fits perfectly with the lead synth.
It sounds really professionnal regarding most of the songs here on Newgrounds.
You are good at it, really. So keep up the good work, I'll be looking forward to hearing some new stuff like this from you in the future :).

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TerraNation responds:

Hello thanks for the kind words, Yes i will keep on makeing music glad u liked it / TN

River Flows In You (WiP) River Flows In You (WiP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You've got to finish this

You've so many unfinished songs that could be among the very best of Newgrounds...
This one is one of them : the beat is good (for a WIP ; I guess you'll add some more variety in the trance part in the full song), the rain fits perfectly with the thunder at the beginning, and the piano is just...awesome, and the melody...probably one of the best I've heard so far on Newgrounds.
That's what I call a future masterpiece : finish it ! :)